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Starting Immediately.

Good pay, fun work environment and come on, you'll be driving a Zamboni!




We do have some general guidelines for everyone to follow:   ( FIGURE SKATING PAGE )


  • Masks are required in the building. Athletes do not need to be wearing them while participating in sessions on or off ice.

  • Skaters will be allowed in the building 15 minutes before the session begins and we need them to be picked up by 15 minutes after their last session or class ends. 

  • Please limit the number of extra people coming into the building.    

  • The lobby will be marked with X's that are 6 feet apart. Skaters need to place their bags on an X. They need to stay socially distanced while in the building. 

  • They may bring in food but we need them to make sure they throw away their trash and try to keep their area as clean as possible. 

  • Do not come to the rink if you are sick or have a fever. Please call in and let a rink staff member know that your skater is sick.

  • The rink staff will be disinfecting and cleaning touchpoints frequently during the day.

  • Dress Code for FSO
    Female Skaters; wear a skating dress, leotard, leggings, or shorts/skirt with tights. No jeans or jean shorts may be worn. Long hair should be pulled back and out of the skater’s face. Headphones (air pods) may be worn in one ear only. Male Skaters wear athletic pants. No jeans or shorts. Headphones (air pods) may be worn in one ear only.

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