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Fiqure Skating

Attention Figure Skating Program Athletes

We do have some general guidelines for everyone to follow:

Skaters must have a current Learn to Skate USA or USFSA membership to skate on figure skating ice time.


Dress Code
Female Skaters; wear a skating dress, leotard, leggings, or shorts/skirt with tights. No jeans or jean shorts may be worn. Long hair should be pulled back and out of the skater’s face. Headphones (air pods) may be worn in one ear only. Male Skaters wear athletic pants. No jeans or shorts. Headphones (air pods) may be worn in one ear only. 

Center Ice runs a Summer Skating Program with ice time for practicing and lessons, as well as on and off ice group classes. Please contact Michelle at for more information.

Accelerated Figure Skating Program

Open Enrollment - Sign up Today!!

The Center Ice Sports Complex Accelerated Figure Skating Program is designed to give novice figure skaters a way to fast-track their on-ice training in the easiest, most affordable way possible. The Accelerated Figure Skating Program is open to skaters who have passed Basic 2 or above.


The program includes 6 weeks of Learn to Skate classes as well as an on ice class, off ice class, and an hour of practice time each week. Contact Michelle for the full schedule of these classes. Accelerated Figure Skating participants are required to be members of Learn to Skate USA. For more information and to register for Learn to Skate USA, go to

Cost is $199 for 6 weeks. If you have any questions contact Michelle Dalton, the Skating Director, at 330-966-0169, ext 14, or at

Skating Club


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