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Jr Club is a program for skaters who have passed Basic Level 2. This program is designed for skaters who are interested in joining the Center Ice Figure Skating Club in the future. Jr Club runs for 12 weeks in the fall and is offered on Saturdays only. This includes 30 minutes of ice group instruction and 30 minutes on ice for practice or private lessons. Payment for private lessons must be made directly to the private instructor.


The instructors will teach the skaters where on the ice to practice their jumps and spins. The 30 minutes of group instructions will be spent working on stroking, crossovers, and other figure skating essentials. This class prepares skaters to skate with higher level skaters in the Club. Jr Club also helps skaters establish friendships with other skaters before joining club.


Why Jr Club and not just Public Skate?
Public skate is great for extra practice. However, if your skater is getting serious about skating, Jr Club is a much better choice. Jr Club provides group lessons in addition to regular LTS classes. Also, you will receive a 20% discount if your
skatersdoes both Jr Club and LTS! The skaters will have full ice available for practice. More practice means quicker improvement!


Can you join mid-semester?
Yes! Fees will be pro-rated.

How do I set up private lessons?
We recommend that you choose an instructor who works well with both you and your skater. We also recommend having trial lessons with several different coaches to see who works better with your skater. All Center Ice Sports Complex Learn to Skate Instructors who have been approved to give private instruction are able to give private lessons during the last 30 minutes of Jr. Club. Private lessons are set up directly with the private instructor. Payments for private lessons are made directly to the coach. Feel free to ask Michelle 
for a list of approved private instructors.

Is Jr Club really necessary?
Yes! Jr Club will prepare your skater for Club if that is your skater's desire. The program is specifically designed for skaters who are interested in advancing into the Center Ice Skating Club.

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